A Nick Williams Mystery

The Unexpected Heiress

The Amorous Attorney

The Sartorial Senator

The Laconic Lumberjack

The Perplexed Pumpkin

The Savage Son

The Mangled Mobster

The Iniquitous Investigator

The Voluptuos Vixen

The Timid Traitor

The Sodden Sailor

The Excluded Exile

The Paradoxical Parent

The Pitiful Player

The Childish Churl

The Rotten Rancher

A Happy Holiday

The Adroit Alien

The Leaping Lord

The Constant Caprese

The Shameless Sodomite

The Harried Husband

A Nick & Carter Story

An Echanted Beginning

Golden Gate Love Stories

The One He Waited For

Their Own Hidden Island

A Nick Williams Mystery Report

Metaphysical Novels

This Morning, Over Here