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The Sodden Sailor (Book 11) Now Available!

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Sunday, February 6, 1955

It’s Sunday night and Nick has decided he wants to get back in the kitchen to make a couple of pans of lasagna for dinner, something he hasn’t done since he and Carter moved into the big pile of rocks on Nob Hill.

Captain Daniel O’Reilly, pilot of The Flirtatious Captain, is bringing a friend for dinner. Instead of his latest love interest, the captain introduces Nick and Carter to an old friend, a man who is on his last legs and who has a favor to ask: can Nick and Carter help him get his girl and her son out of Red China?

That’s where things begin but it’s far from where they end…

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Very good but not great

A reader just posted this review of The One He Waited For. It starts off this way:

I have been reading the series of books about Nick Williams and Carter Jones and have enjoyed all of them. This one is no different. Mr. Butterfield has been writing about a bygone era (The early 1950’s), following a group of two fisted gay men.

To begin, I just want to say how happy I am that the reviewer gets what’s going on here.

By the time he gets up to the present day he will probably have written several hundred, or more, books.

He’s exactly right. There will probably be more than a hundred books at some point. After all, we know that Nick & Carter live long enough to get legally married in the summer of 2008 on that glorious day at San Francisco City Hall.

Here’s a photo of their friends, Del Martin (left, age 87) and Phyllis Lyon (right, age 83), when they got married that day:

(FYI: Here they are at some point in the early to mid 1950s. More about Del and Phyllis.)

The next thing he writes is this:

The stories are not great, but they are very good and I really like them.

And this I love. This is where he really gets what’s going on.

I’m writing because I like the stories.

And they’re not great, but they are good. Maybe even very good.

And that’s more then fine with me.

I’m not offering great stories.

I’m offering a series of good stories that cover many years, show many cultural changes, have a lot of history in them, and tell a very long story about two best friends in love with each other.

These stories are also about some amazing people living in extraordinary times being (mostly) decent, kind, generous, and loving with each other and doing as much good as they can.

As Nick’s mother wrote:

I have no words of wisdom to impart other than to sincerely suggest that you be kind to all you meet, help those in need to the extent you can, and let as much love as you are able to allow into your heart.

So, Mr. Reader, I thank you! You get it!

Just like most of my readers.

And I really, really love that you do.

Oh, and here’s how he wraps his very kind and generous review:

I’m glad that Mr. Butterfield is a prolific writer and I look forward to reading about Nick and company. I gave Mr. Butterfield a rating of “good” as a writer, but he is really much better than good. I recommend this, and his other books, to any gay man who likes reading about us as brave, strong, smart, and loving men.

Now, back to writing.

The Timid Traitor – Now Available!

Now Available!

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Tuesday, January 11, 1955

It’s a cold January morning. As Nick and Carter sip their hot coffee in an attempt to stay warm, passers-by are stopping to gawk at San Francisco’s newest skyscraper at 600 Market Street. The grand opening goes off without a hitch (and without the Mayor or anyone else of note, for that matter).

Meanwhile, back on Bush Street, Nick has a new client. Her name is Mrs. Anne-Marie Boudier. She’s charming. She’s chic. She was at Marnie’s wedding on the groom’s side. And she wants Nick to find her long lost husband.

So she can kill him.

And so begins a twisting and turning escapade of old secrets and new betrayals that will eventually take Nick and Carter across the Atlantic Ocean as they finally discover who the real traitor is.

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Their Own Hidden Island

Now Available!

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Monday, March 17, 2003

Dr. Robert Jenkins is nervous. He’s been asked to meet with the two richest gay men in the world. They’re a couple, in their early 80s, and they have a very important task for Bob: head out to the South Pacific and discover why a coral reef is dying.

On the way, Bob meets Mario Ossler who’s the skipper of a boat that will take him on the last leg of his long journey to the middle of nowhere. Mario has beautiful green eyes, wildly untameable red hair, and an erratic personality to match his sexy good looks. Bob is leery of working with the big man who, at first, seems to be nothing more than an over-sensitive bully.

Just as they arrive at their dropping-off point, they discover that a typhoon is bearing down on their location. Deciding to ride out the storm in the harbor of an uncharted island, Bob is forced to deal with painful memories from not only his past but from Mario’s as well.

Once the storm passes, the island begins to reveal its hidden secrets and turns out to be where real love finally finds a place in Bob’s life and in his heart and in a way that is beyond what he ever imagined possible.

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Nick Replies #1

This is a ridiculous story. The detective, supposedly the richest person in San Francisco, uses his money to buy his way out of a self-created mess. There is no mystery, but plenty of lose ends left over, and a central story line that is abandoned when the author loses interest.

You got me there, bud. There’s no doubt about it. I created the mess and I’m doing my damned best to clean it up. And have been now for a couple of years.

As for the author losing interest, what you have in your hands is just the beginning. Now you can get on board with us or not. No skin off my nose. But, I’ll tell you, this is where all the good stuff gets started.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to let me know all about it. I appreciate it. I really do.

The Voluptuous Vixen — Now Available!


Book 9 in the Nick Williams Mysteries

Wednesday, August 11, 1954

Nick and Carter are sailing across the sea to Honolulu on an impromptu holiday.

For the sake of propriety and decorum, the ship’s captain pairs them off with a “lady couple” who turn out to be much more than they appear at first glance.

When one of them shows up dead in Nick and Carter’s cabin, the hunt is on to find the other one before it’s too late…

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The Savage Son — Now Available!


Tuesday, December 15, 1953: Ivan Kopek is missing and his parents desperately want Nick’s help. Ike, as he’s known to his friends, is quickly found once Nick, Carter, and their pals are on the case. Unfortunately, Ike’s in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. And it was only because he didn’t get the chance to do it himself.

Meanwhile, it’s almost Christmas. Nick’s least favorite time of the year. But, Carter wants a Christmas tree and Dr. Parnell Williams, Nick’s evil bastard of a father, has summoned them both to the mansion on Sacramento Street for Christmas day at 12 noon. And they’re not to be late.

In the end, Christmas brings Nick & Carter a number of unexpected and life-changing packages, both big and small.

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An Enchanted Beginning — First Review!

This just in…

Plucking the Heart-strings

[I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.]

Damn this book for waking that dormant beast—the die-hard, romantic dreamer, who was hibernating inside of me.

Twenty years ago, I wanting nothing more than a relationship akin to the one Nick and Carter create with each other. But I can die a happy man now, because, thanks to Frank, I got to live one for a while inside of the pages of this book.

I first read the Nick Williams mysteries, where Nick and Carter’s relationship paints the beautiful backdrop for all of the action and adventure. In this book, we get to see how it all came together…character by character and event by event.

I highly recommend An Enchanted Beginning…and I suggest you read Frank’s books the way I did. Dive into the mysteries first, where the action eggs you along an exhilarating ride. Then, when you’re ready to slow down a tad, pick up this book and savor the ease. The mysteries are a Saturday night out on the town; this romance is the following Sunday morning, relaxing on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee.

Thank you (and damn you) Frank, for resurrecting that old, beautiful, romantic dream. 🙂

Holy smokes! Happy to oblige, David!

On sale on Monday!

An Enchanted Beginning — New Book!


The complete back story of how Nick met Carter, how they fell in love, and how their lives grew together is now available for pre-order in one single volume.

This book includes revised editions of 1947: When Nick Met Carter and 1948: When Nick & Carter Fell In Love plus three new parts covering events in 1949 and 1950.

The Kindle version will be available October 3rd. The print version will be available shortly after that.

An Enchanted Beginning

1947 When Nick Met Carter

Chapter 1 Didn’t you say you were from Nob Hill?
Chapter 2 Didn’t I raise you right?
Chapter 3 That’s a swell kinda place, ain’t it?
Chapter 4 I hear it’s a riot.
Chapter 5 Every couple has their problems.
Chapter 6 That’s the problem. I do love you.
Chapter 7 Someone I’ve never seen before.
Chapter 8 Did you see a lot of action?
Chapter 9 Could do with a cuppa Joe, actually.
Chapter 10 What if your friend finds us here? Doing this?

1948 When Nick & Carter Fell In Love

Chapter 1 Where’s that fireman who’s always hanging around?
Chapter 2 You will pay for that remark, son.
Chapter 3 Just make sure to get the no-knock gas.
Chapter 4 Stop fucking nurse-maiding me.
Chapter 5 I had no idea you packed such a big punch, Nick.
Chapter 6 Unfiltered, of course.
Chapter 7 Wanna have a seat big guy?
Chapter 8 San Francisco, son. Never Frisco.
Chapter 9 No menus here. Just whatever mama makes.
Chapter 10 I like it when you do that…
Chapter 11 But I’ve only ever slept with one fireman.

1949 When Nick & Carter Bought a House

Chapter 1 The Navy made me a man.
Chapter 2 I like Eureka Valley. Nice houses.
Chapter 3 Are you in the life?
Chapter 4 You gonna cook like that?
Chapter 5 You two need to settle down and start livin’ right.
Chapter 6 Well… since money is no object…

1949 When Nick & Carter Came Home

Chapter 1 That drain needs to be snaked.
Chapter 2 No boiled eggs!
Chapter 3 Something akin to a honeymoon.
Chapter 4 Southern! And a tall drink of water…
Chapter 5 I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…
Chapter 6 You and your damn Eye-talian cookies.
Chapter 7 Cool, baby, cool.

1950 The End of the Beginning

Chapter 1 Howdy, sailor.
Chapter 2 Salty.
Chapter 3 His deep regret…
Chapter 4 He was a lover of men…

Pre-order An Enchanted Beginning. Available October 3rd.

An Enchanted Beginning