The Sodden Sailor — Now Available!

The Sodden Sailor (Book 11) Now Available!

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Sunday, February 6, 1955

It’s Sunday night and Nick has decided he wants to get back in the kitchen to make a couple of pans of lasagna for dinner, something he hasn’t done since he and Carter moved into the big pile of rocks on Nob Hill.

Captain Daniel O’Reilly, pilot of The Flirtatious Captain, is bringing a friend for dinner. Instead of his latest love interest, the captain introduces Nick and Carter to an old friend, a man who is on his last legs and who has a favor to ask: can Nick and Carter help him get his girl and her son out of Red China?

That’s where things begin but it’s far from where they end…

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An Enchanted Beginning — First Review!

This just in…

Plucking the Heart-strings

[I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.]

Damn this book for waking that dormant beast—the die-hard, romantic dreamer, who was hibernating inside of me.

Twenty years ago, I wanting nothing more than a relationship akin to the one Nick and Carter create with each other. But I can die a happy man now, because, thanks to Frank, I got to live one for a while inside of the pages of this book.

I first read the Nick Williams mysteries, where Nick and Carter’s relationship paints the beautiful backdrop for all of the action and adventure. In this book, we get to see how it all came together…character by character and event by event.

I highly recommend An Enchanted Beginning…and I suggest you read Frank’s books the way I did. Dive into the mysteries first, where the action eggs you along an exhilarating ride. Then, when you’re ready to slow down a tad, pick up this book and savor the ease. The mysteries are a Saturday night out on the town; this romance is the following Sunday morning, relaxing on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee.

Thank you (and damn you) Frank, for resurrecting that old, beautiful, romantic dream. 🙂

Holy smokes! Happy to oblige, David!

On sale on Monday!

New Book! The Sartorial Senator

In The Sartorial Senator, Nick and Carter just want to go home to San Francisco after their adventures in Mexico. But, before they can sail into the Golden Gate, Nick receives a subpoena from America’s most infamous witch hunter in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, an old schoolmate from Carter’s childhood shows up out of nowhere and revives painful memories. Once they get to the nation’s capitol, they are plunged into helping yet another flirtatious police detective solve a curious murder that leads to some very dark places.

In the end, Nick and Carter set a trap to catch the killer and get much more than they bargained for.

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