An Enchanted Beginning — New Book!


The complete back story of how Nick met Carter, how they fell in love, and how their lives grew together is now available for pre-order in one single volume.

This book includes revised editions of 1947: When Nick Met Carter and 1948: When Nick & Carter Fell In Love plus three new parts covering events in 1949 and 1950.

The Kindle version will be available October 3rd. The print version will be available shortly after that.

An Enchanted Beginning

1947 When Nick Met Carter

Chapter 1 Didn’t you say you were from Nob Hill?
Chapter 2 Didn’t I raise you right?
Chapter 3 That’s a swell kinda place, ain’t it?
Chapter 4 I hear it’s a riot.
Chapter 5 Every couple has their problems.
Chapter 6 That’s the problem. I do love you.
Chapter 7 Someone I’ve never seen before.
Chapter 8 Did you see a lot of action?
Chapter 9 Could do with a cuppa Joe, actually.
Chapter 10 What if your friend finds us here? Doing this?

1948 When Nick & Carter Fell In Love

Chapter 1 Where’s that fireman who’s always hanging around?
Chapter 2 You will pay for that remark, son.
Chapter 3 Just make sure to get the no-knock gas.
Chapter 4 Stop fucking nurse-maiding me.
Chapter 5 I had no idea you packed such a big punch, Nick.
Chapter 6 Unfiltered, of course.
Chapter 7 Wanna have a seat big guy?
Chapter 8 San Francisco, son. Never Frisco.
Chapter 9 No menus here. Just whatever mama makes.
Chapter 10 I like it when you do that…
Chapter 11 But I’ve only ever slept with one fireman.

1949 When Nick & Carter Bought a House

Chapter 1 The Navy made me a man.
Chapter 2 I like Eureka Valley. Nice houses.
Chapter 3 Are you in the life?
Chapter 4 You gonna cook like that?
Chapter 5 You two need to settle down and start livin’ right.
Chapter 6 Well… since money is no object…

1949 When Nick & Carter Came Home

Chapter 1 That drain needs to be snaked.
Chapter 2 No boiled eggs!
Chapter 3 Something akin to a honeymoon.
Chapter 4 Southern! And a tall drink of water…
Chapter 5 I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…
Chapter 6 You and your damn Eye-talian cookies.
Chapter 7 Cool, baby, cool.

1950 The End of the Beginning

Chapter 1 Howdy, sailor.
Chapter 2 Salty.
Chapter 3 His deep regret…
Chapter 4 He was a lover of men…

Pre-order An Enchanted Beginning. Available October 3rd.

An Enchanted Beginning

New review! 1947: When Nick Met Carter

1947: When Nick Met Carter

I saw this review yesterday and was reminded how much I love this story!

This is the charming prelude to a new series of novel. A good narrative, enjoyable protagonists and friends and family members, and best of all the author is showing us San Francisco in the period right after World War II, and the research rings trues in details of clothing and speech. I was slightly younger than the protagonists (11 years at the time), so I remember it well. The two first entries are novellas, while the next stories are full novels.

First Review! 1947: When Nick Met Carter

1947: When Nick Met Carter

First review for 1947: When Nick Met Carter!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book – in one sitting. I bought the next one, and then the one after that, and came back online to buy the fourth. I particularly liked the hard-boiled, old fashioned detective style writing. I also appreciated the reminder of what it is like to live in a society deeply and openly homophobic and racist. Most of all, I loved this darn good story.


Everybody dies

2008: When Nick & Carter Got Married

In the final episode of one of my favorite TV series, Six Feet Under, something quite extraordinary happened. It’s been 11 years since that episode aired, so I’m going to give away what it was: everybody died. It was a magical way to wrap the series and, to be honest, I walked around devastated for about two weeks. I remember everyone I knew who’d seen it seemed to have the same reaction. It made us think about ourselves and then, at least on my end, my nieces and nephews, and how there would be a day when they would be talking to their kids and grand kids about, “Crazy Gay Uncle Frank.”

The Nick & Carter books, like the others that I’ve written, are channeled. I sit down and watch the unfolding scenes, interpret what I’m seeing, and transcribe the dialogue. I never know what is going to happen. Sometimes I do get visions of what’s coming. And that hit me a couple of days ago when I sat down to write the first chapter of 2008: When Nick & Carter Got Married.

You may know that 2008 was when the California State Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal in California. This only lasted until the next election, but that’s a whole other story.

In this first chapter that I wrote out, an 80-something Nick wakes up to his assistant Robin telling him that same-sex marriage is now legal and that it’s time to go to City Hall and get married to Carter. As Nick is getting dressed and as they’re all driving down there, he reminisces about the past.

At first, I thought this was just really interesting. Then, the next morning I realized this was the start to the final (in chronological order) book of all the Nick & Carter books because this is the one where they die.

Then the tears started. And I don’t mean an occasional tear & sniffle, I mean the full-on ugly, wrenching, I-might-break-my-face kind of crying. I finally had to call in some help so I could uncover what was really going on (and that’s another story altogether).

It feels right to share this experience. Everyone dies. And, in the light of today, I’m going back and re-reading the 1947 romance book where Nick & Carter meet. It feels wonderful to be able to see the beginning and the end and to know that filling out the middle is going to be a delicious experience!

I love these characters. And, underneath the notion of writing a book, I feel like I’m simply transcribing Nick’s story. In fact, I had a vision that… Whoops! Will save that tidbit for the book.

One last thought I’ll share:

Terry Gross: So, isn’t it a bit unusual to write a book where the main characters die before you’ve written all the other books?