Some scripting

I like consciously creating my experience!

Scripting is a term used by Abraham for a specific process. They’ve talked about it in terms of writing a screenplay or dialogue. Of course, this is a New Thought concept that predates Abraham, and it’s recently come to my attention how useful it can be for me personally.

This morning, in our series The Magic of Wonder and Delight, I asked Paul a question about this. You can listen to the answer here.

I’m posting this script in case you might find it helpful. I’ve included very real aspects of me, my life, and how I live because I want as many of the elements to be normal and real to me NOW as I can. Enjoy!


I open my eyes and look around at the dark room.

As I roll over and try to decide whether to get up or not, I feel that certain kind of pressure that says it would be a good time to do so. Right. Now.

So, I do. As I stumble through the dim light of the bedroom, I try to go to the old bathroom in the old place and suddenly remember that I’m not there anymore.

As I walk into the new bathroom in the new place, I hit the dimmer panel on the wall and a very pleasant and not-at-all glaring light illuminates the room. I feel the cool of the rough-hewn granite under my feet and then enjoy the contrast of the pair of small cotton rugs I put down on the floor for the delight of standing on their tightly woven surface.

After I take care of what I need to take care of, I wash my hands and look at my face in the mirror. As often happens these days, I smile back at myself and enjoy how much I like what I see. I am now willing to admit that I’m cute and like the way I look.

I dry my hands on the towel and walk back into the bedroom. I look at the bed and wonder if I would rather watch the sun rise up here or downstairs on the deck.

I choose the deck, so I quickly put on enough clothes to be presentable and pad my way across the landing and down the stairs and into the living room. I grab a glass of water and then head out the door.

As always, the shock of humidity hits me in the face and I love it. It feels like a nice warm blanket that wraps around me and it’s quite cozy, even on a summer day, like today.

I stand and look at the river from the deck next to the pool and then decide that today would be a good day for sitting out on the dock. As I walk down the stairs in the early morning light, I love the sound of the birds that are already up and awake. I walk across the pier and look for signs of fish in the water.

When I get to the dock, I sit down on the surface and stick my legs over the side. I look up and down the flowing water of the river to see if I can find any more signs of fish or maybe dolphins that are up, awake, and moving down towards the inlet before heading out to the ocean.

I take a deep breath and smell the aliveness of this time of day. There is a slight coolness rising from the water and it feels really good. I look across at the nature preserve just in time to see a large, elegant, white bird take flight.

I’m delighted to be here and love that I know that I created all of this intentionally. It’s good and only getting better from here.

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts about this kind of intentional manifesting. What do you use? How does it work for you? I would love to hear more about what you know!

4 thoughts on “Some scripting”

  1. I love how you script a most delicious day here Frank! It is so immediate, a moment by moment, experience. When I script, I imagine telling someone how everything worked out perfectly and how wonderful it feels. Not so much, about how this very day is extraordinarily wonderful. Thanks for example.

    1. I like using that method too. There are so many delicious ways to get into the feel of the experience. Thanks Miriam!

  2. Aloha Frank! As I’m reading your scripting I’m carried with all the sensual appreciations, so rich! Scripting within our day has always brought me grounded and expanded awareness. I find it brings out the poet in me as well. I love how your sharing of this reminds me of the power of our written words. I love that! I’m feeling the impulse to write right now! Thank you!

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